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Co-operation at a European level

RIVM continued its active participation in various EU programmes in 2012. For example, it worked within the context of the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development (FP7) to develop a strategy for integrated risk assessment of exposure to chemicals, for use in the European REACH environmental legislation.

RIVM was also given a leading role in the Joint Action scientific network that supports EU Member States in tackling socio-economic health inequalities. This work is funded via the Health Programme.

In addition, RIVM was successfull in bidding for tenders from various European agencies on such topics as ‘Chronic disease and economic activity in Europeans of retirement age‘, ‘Surveillance and early warning‘ and ‘Evidence-based guidelines for Lyme disease’.

Finally, RIVM signed a commitment on ‘Urban Strategic Planning for Active and Healthy Ageing’ in the framework of the European Innovation Platform on Active and Healthy Ageing.